Maintenance of smart home equipment for apartments – villas

What systems do smart devices in homes and buildings include?

Smart home equipment system includes the following items:

  1. Security camera system, alarm, smart break-in protection, self-control
  2. Internet infrastructure, Wifi, Server, Lan, computer, printer,…
  3. Smart electrical equipment: switches, sockets, lights, air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, electric stoves are automatically controlled through the software on the phone …
  4. Intelligent multi-zone audio system
  5. Smart door locksystem , automatic phone control
  6. Automatic curtain system controlled by temperature, light
  7. Smart water supply system and automatic sprinkler for garden
  8. Entertainment television system by preference
  9. System of software management installation on the phone
  10. Types of temperature, sound, light, humidity, air cleanliness
  11. Smart energy, clean energy
Smart Home Energy

While technology is evolving fast and powerfully, we who inherit the technology platform are starting to worry because they can’t keep up with its pace and are backward. This is for sure. To solve these problems, we have launched a smart home equipment maintenance service,helping to thoroughly solve the difficult problems that customers face during use due to not keeping up with the development of technology. In addition, we will constantly update the changes to customers in the simplest and most understandable form so that you always grasp the core elements, thereby being assured of enjoying the great value that the system brings.

Maintenance of smart equipment systems for homes and buildings is a regular and mandatory job

1. Maintenance of security camera system, alarm, smart break-in protection, self-control

Security camera systems, surveillance cameras are a very small part but need to be in the category of smart home devices. This system takes visual and audio signal information sent back to the control center. Periodically need maintenance and maintenance to fix minor errors, ensure the system is always operating stably, bringing the best experience to customers.

2. Maintenance of Internet Infrastructure, Wifi, Server, Lan, computer, printer,…

This is an indispensable part of an apartment, villa, smart project

When referring to smart infrastructure in a certain project, it is impossible not to mention its core is the internet infrastructure, Wifi, Server, Lan, computer, printer,… This is the most important part, it ensures that the signal is transshiped and processed smoothly between the control center and peripherals, helping the system to operate continuously, without stalling, interruption. So, with this core, it is necessary to maintain, maintain, monitor and check continuously.

3. Maintenance Of Smart Electrical Equipment: switches, sockets, lights, smart modules for air conditioning control, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, electric stoves,…

These smart electrical devices operate continuously, so sometimes there are problems, so it is necessary to periodically check, maintain and maintain to help the equipment always in a stable state of operation, bring maximum utility and improve the quality of life for customers.

4. Maintenance of notification sound system, multi-zone audio,…

Multi-zone audio systems are a small part of the overall system of devices for smart homes, to report problems, errors or alarms. Multi-zone sound system serves the entertainment needs of customers.

The sound system that announces normal conditions does not work much, but when there is an incident or fire, it is extremely necessary, to broadcast emergency notifications, escape instructions. Also because its properties are specific, it is also necessary to regularly check, periodically maintain and maintain so that when there is an incident or fire, it can be used immediately. Avoid cases when the incident occurs, it cannot be used, causing serious consequences to life and property.

For multi-region sound systems, this type is often used to serve the entertainment needs of customers. So it must also be periodically maintained so that it is always in the best state of operation, bringing great entertainment experiences for you.

5. Maintenance of smart door lock system, automatically controlled by phone

Smart door locks for apartments have long been a common item for smart home projects. It helps us manage and control and close and open with simple operation on the phone.

Periodically need maintenance, maintenance, inspection to overcome minor errors, increase safety, security, increase equipment life cycle, reduce replacement investment costs. In addition, when the system is stable, it enhances a great experience for you, making your life more quality, comfortable and modern.

6. Maintenance of Propagation and Lightning Transmission System

Access to smart home equipment systems is a mandatory requirement but very few units care about this issue.

Next is lightning protection spread to homes and works, smart projects. This is a system against lightning pulses spreading by power cables, copper cables providing television services or reinforced steel fibers of fiber optic cables providing Internet signals.

A secure and periodic lightning protection system is required to be checked so that it is always in a stable condition, as we will not know exactly when there is a lightning pulse. Smart electrical equipment is extremely sensitive to lightning pulses and leaking currents. By the time the device is affected by the spread of lightning pulses, which our safe and propagation system of lightning transmission is underperforming, there is a 90% chance that the smart device infrastructure will be completely destroyed. At this time, the cost to fix is extremely large, almost completely refreshed.

7. Automatic curtain system maintenance controlled by temperature, humidity and light

The smart curtain system will operate automatically based on signals sent back from light, humidity and temperature sensors. Due to the nature of automatic operation, it is necessary to periodically check and maintain for the system to operate durable and stable, bringing many great experiences and utilities to users and customers.

8. Maintenance Smart Water Supply System and Automatic Watering Spraying for Garden

The smart hot and cold water supplysystem, based on the signal of the temperature sensors, the water level also operates fully automatically. Cooling or drip sprinkler systems for plants or gardens are also pre-programmed, fully automated, ensuring neither redundant nor lacking, in order to save water and energy sources, bringing many utilities to human life. These systems must also periodically maintain maintenance, repair small errors so that they are always in the best working state.

9. Maintenance upgrade Control Management Software System

In the current era of rapidly evolving technology, management software must constantly update and update continuously to promptly fix bugs as well as add new features that are more superior and comfortable. Therefore, it is necessary for personnel to have enough expertise to monitor, check periodically, maintain and maintain it so that it maximizes efficiency, bringing practical benefits to users and great experiences.

10. Types of temperature, sound, light, humidity, air cleanliness

These types of sensors pick up the signal and send it to the center for synthesis, then the control center will send instructions to each smart device in the apartment or villa. Signals sent to the control center must ensure reliability, so it is required to choose the types of sensors of reputable companies in the market. In addition, periodically, maintenance is also needed so that they operate more stable and durable.

11. Maintenance of Smart Energy System, Clean Energy

The clean energy in the smart home system can be wind energy, solar energy. These are two clean, green energy sources for our smart home system, but at the moment it cannot become the main source of energy due to many objective factors.

The above are all the basic issues of smart home equipment system and the need for system maintenance and maintenance. The ultimate goal is to bring the best experience to customers, maximizing the quality of life.

Smart home equipment maintenance process for projects, villas, apartments, hotels

The specific maintenance process we will send to our customers after receiving information about maintenance service requests from you and our team of engineers to survey on site.

The purpose of smart equipment maintenance for homes and buildings

Smart device maintenance to:

  1. Timely handle and fix small errors of the system, helping the system always in a stable and highly efficient state of operation
  2. Increase the life cycle of equipment use, reduce replacement costs
  3. It delivers a great experience for users, for customers.

In addition, customers need advice on installing new smart home systems for their apartments, villas, hotels, projects and works; or you need to upgrade, convert, supplement to make the system smarter and more modern; Please call us immediately via hotline: 0905.70.60.89 for advice on the most suitable solutions; bring aesthetics, utilities, intelligence, and increasingly modern, enhancing the value of your quality of life.

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