Smart electrical equipment for apartments – villas – works

Smart electrical equipment in houses and works, apartment projects, villas, hotels,…

Smart electrical equipment systems will be equipped specifically for the following areas:

  1. Bedroom:lights, switches, smart sockets; on-demand entertainment television, super-quality multi-zone surround sound and automatically controlled over the phone. Automatic curtains according to the light sensor, automatic air conditioning according to the temperature sensor or direct control operation on the phone.
  2. Bathroom:water level, water temperature, sauna equipment, spa, sauna controlled by phone or signal from water level sensor, temperature,….
  3. Living room:similar bedroom also includes light equipment, switches, smart sockets; on-demand entertainment television, super-quality multi-zone surround sound and automatically controlled over the phone. Automatic curtains according to the light sensor, automatic air conditioning according to the temperature sensor or direct control operation on the phone. There are also security cameras, anti-theft alarms,…
  4. Kitchen:smart electrical appliances: refrigerators, electric stoves, kitchen cabinet systems connected to modules that help the system automatic and smart; sockets, switches, smart lights are automatically controlled via the phone.
  5. Office:lights, switches, smart sockets; Automatic curtains according to the light sensor, air conditioning and automatic ventilation according to the temperature sensor or direct control operation on the phone.
  6. Garage:Smart door lock; lights, switches, smart sockets; smart charging stations for electric vehicles; security camera alarm, anti-theft, fire protection system and air conditioning, ventilation.
  7. Entertainment bar, indoor cinema:on-demand entertainment television system, automatic surround sound system
  8. Campus around the house and garden:Surveillance security cameras, burglar alarms, automatic drip watering system for plants in the garden, automatic control by sensors, management on the phone.
  9. Green, clean energy system on roofs and buildings: solar, wind energy
  10. Control center for monitoring and management
Smart Home Energy

The advent of smart electrical equipment and the current trend

In today’s age of powerful and rapidly evolving technology, everything is geared towards automation and intelligence. Smart electrical equipment is researched and created as a general trend of the era, more and more it is the soul, brain in an apartment, villa, villa or hotel building, resort project, school, hospital. Everything is now operated automatically through the collection of signals from the image sensor, temperature, humidity, sound, light,… then put it back in the control center to give the best treatment based on hundreds of programmed scenarios. Or when we need to interfere with the system to control or change, we just need to glide lightly on the app installed on the phone without having to do anything else. Everything is now very simple, comfortable and modern.

Smart socket switch
Smart electrical device socket switch

Users are not keeping up with the pace of development of technology and smart devices

While technology is evolving fast and powerfully, we who inherit the technology platform begin to fail to keep up with its pace and are backward, not keeping up with the pace of social life’ development. This is for sure. Therefore, we need to constantly update the changes of technology and smart electrical equipment to always grasp the core elements, thereby being assured of comfort to use or upgrade the more modern smart system, to enjoy the great value that smart systems bring.

Types of Smart Electrical Appliances for Homes and Buildings

1. Smart electrical equipment:switches, sockets, lights, smart modules for air conditioning control, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, electric stoves,…

These are the most basic equipment, regardless of whether any apartment or villais available. The frequency of using these devices is also the most, so we need to choose for ourselves good, genuine types of equipment. Avoid choosing floating, poor quality devices on the market, so that during use will receive consequences along with bad experiences of smart home systems.

2. Internet equipment, Wifi, Server, Lan, computer, printer,…

This is an indispensable part of an apartment, villa, smart project

When referring to smart infrastructure in a certain project, it is impossible not to mention its core is the internet infrastructure, Wifi, Server, Lan, computer, printer,… This is the most important part, it ensures that the signal is transshiped and processed smoothly between the control center and peripherals, helping the system to operate continuously, without stalling, interruption.

3. Security camera equipment for automatic surveillance, alarm and anti-theft

Security camera systems, surveillance cameras are a very small part but need to be in the category of smart home electrical equipment. This system takes visual and audio signal information sent back to the control center.

4. Notification sound system, multi-zone audio,…

Multi-zone audio systems are a small part of the overall electrical equipment system for smart homes, to report problems, errors or alarms. Multi-zone sound system serves the entertainment needs of customers.

The sound system that announces normal conditions does not work much, but when there is an incident or fire, it is extremely necessary, to broadcast emergency notifications, escape instructions. For multi-region sound systems, this type is often used to serve the entertainment needs of customers.

5. Smart door locksystem , automatic phone control

Smart door locks for apartments have long been a common item for smart home projects. It helps us manage and control and close and open with simple operation on the phone.

When the system is stable, it increases the great experience for you, making your life more quality, comfortable, safe and modern.

6. Transmission lightning and lightning protection system

Access to smart electrical equipment is a mandatory requirement but very few units care about this issue.

Next is lightning protection spread to homes and works, smart projects. This is a system against lightning pulses spreading by power cables, copper cables providing television services or reinforced steel fibers of fiber optic cables providing Internet signals.

Smart electrical equipment is extremely sensitive to lightning pulses and leaking currents. Therefore, it is required that our safe and lightning-resistant system operate effectively, to ensure the safety of the system in the event of lightning and leakage incidents.

7. Automatic curtain system controlled by temperature, humidity and light

The smart curtain system will operate automatically based on signals sent back from light, humidity and temperature sensors.

8. Smart water supply system and automatic sprinkler for garden

The smart hot and cold water supplysystem, based on the signal of the temperature sensors, the water level also operates fully automatically. Cooling or drip sprinkler systems for plants or gardens are also pre-programmed, fully automated, ensuring neither redundant nor lacking, in order to save water and energy sources, bringing many utilities to human life.

9. Control Management Software System

In the current era of rapidly evolving technology, management software must constantly update and update continuously to promptly fix bugs as well as add new features that are more superior and comfortable.

10. Types of temperature, sound, light, humidity, air cleanliness

These types of sensors pick up the signal and send it to the center for synthesis, then the control center will send instructions to each smart device in the apartment or villa. Signals sent to the control center must ensure reliability, so it is required to choose the types of sensors of reputable companies in the market.

11. Smart Energy System, Clean Energy

The clean energy in the smart home system can be wind energy, solar energy. These are two clean, green energy sources for our smart home system, but at the moment it cannot become the main source of energy due to many objective factors.

The above is a total of the basic problems of smart electrical systems in the house and buildings. Smart power system brings the best experience to customers, maximizing the quality of life value.

Benefits of using smart electrical equipment for homes and buildings

  1. Keep up with the development of technology.
  2. Now everything is controlled through a few sentences, a few operations on the phone or some characteristic sounds.
  3. Maximum cost savings due to reasonable use of equipment and increase the life cycle of the device.
  4. Energy saving, because the system has optimally calculated when to use the device, how long to use and when to turn off; Everything is automated. Therefore, it will save a lot of energy and emissions as well as waste to the environment, minimize the destruction of habitats, give the environment time to regenerate again, greener and cleaner.
  5. Improving the quality of human life
  6. Make our lives safer, more comfortable, modern and classier
  7. It delivers a great experience for users, for customers.

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