Smart home for apartments – villas – works in the 4.0 era

What is a smart home? Redefining the concept of smart homes in the 4.0 era?

Use some smart devices in your home and call it a smart home? Not so, we need to redefine the concept of smart homes in today’s age of technology boom.

Smart homes in the 4.0 era are now a series of fully automated systems. They are closely linked to each other and are controlled, managed, monitored through the control center. The control center will receive data transmitted from light, temperature, humidity, image, warning sound, alarm, time,… the center then aggregates and sends scripts to the system and requires the system to operate accordingly.

The more sensors, the more detailed the data received, and the more accurate and intelligent the management center will make decisions, but the more sophisticated the system will also be, requiring more funding to invest in equipment and solutions.

Smathome Electrical Equipment
Smathome Electrical Equipment

When deciding on a smart home investment, it is necessary to prepare the first basic steps as follows:

  1. Initial idea, to coordinate with smart home design consultancy to produce the most optimal and suitable design
  2. Decision to choose a manufacturer and supplier of smart home equipment
  3. Scripting operations and unifying scenarios of smart home systems
  4. Construction of smart homecoarse parts, additional adjustments of unreasonable places
  5. Installation of smart home finishing equipment
  6. System connection, configuration and installation, test operation of smart home system

What are the most important, core issues to keep in mind when investing in smart home equipment systems?

  1. Smart home design must be optimal, efficient and maximum utility.
  2. The smart home scenario works to be diverse and well customizable, easily adjusted or changed.
  3. Smart devices must be genuine, depending on the needs that choose accordingly. But resolutely do not choose floating equipment goods, unknown origin, brand imitation.
  4. The ability to expand and upgrade the smart home ecosystem
  5. Easy maintenance.

Do problems or minor errors often arise during the use of smart home devices?

First and foremost is the process of handing over, manual, as well as the recommendations of the construction unit to install smart home systems for customers. Having these instructions and recommendations, you will be very secure during use. Because when an incident or minor error occurs, you know what you need to do to solve the problem without being passive and depending entirely on the installation unit. Unfortunately, very few people do this properly.

During the handover and manual, our engineers will depend on the actual operation of the system to issue warnings of minor errors as well as possible problems during your use. We also offer solutions to solve the problem for you.

Some basic equipment infrastructure in smart homes

  1. Security camera system, alarm, smart break-in protection, self-control
  2. Internet infrastructure, Wifi, Server, Lan, computer, printer,…
  3. Smart electrical equipment:switches, sockets, lights, smart modules for air conditioning control, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, electric stoves,…
  4. Notification sound system, multi-zone audio,…
  5. Smart door locksystem , automatic phone control
  6. Transmission lightning and lightning protection system
  7. Automatic curtain system controlled by temperature, humidity and light
  8. Smart water supply system and automatic sprinkler for garden
  9. Control Management Software System
  10. Types of temperature, sound, light, humidity, air cleanliness
  11. Smart Energy System, Clean Energy.

Smart home systems will be equipped specifically for the following areas:

  1. Bedroom
  2. Bathroom
  3. Living room
  4. Kitchen
  5. Garage
  6. Entertainment bar, indoor cinema
  7. Grounds around the house and garden
  8. Green, clean energy system on the roof
  9. Control center for monitoring and management

Subjective assessment of smart home solutions and smart devices of manufacturers present on the market today

Please note that we only evaluate reputable manufacturers, brands in the market.

How to choose a consulting unit to design solutions and install smart home systems properly?

Construction process of installing smart home system for projects, villas, apartments, hotels

The construction process is made together with the construction plan and measures, which will be sent to customers after the final plan is approved.

Smart home

Review the basic problems of the smart home system in the current period

In today’s age of powerful and rapidly evolving technology, everything is geared towards automation and intelligence. Smart home was born as a general trend of the times, more and more it is the soul, the brain in an apartment, villa, villa or hotel building, resort project, school, hospital. This is the general trend of social progress. Everything is now operated automatically through the collection of signals from the image sensor, temperature, humidity, sound, light,… then put it back in the control center to give the best treatment based on hundreds of programmed scenarios. Everything is now very simple, comfortable and modern.

The above are all the fundamental problems of the smart home system in this day and age and the need to redefine the system to its name and function. Smart home is a combination of smart devices, infrastructure, automation. They connect and understand each other. The ultimate goal is to bring the best experience to customers, maximizing the quality of life.

Customers need to advise and install new smart home systems for their apartments, villas, hotels, projects and works; or you need to upgrade, convert, supplement to make the system smarter and more modern; Please call us immediately via hotline: 0905.70.60.89 for advice on the most suitable solutions; bring aesthetics, utilities, intelligence, and increasingly modern, enhancing the value of your quality of life.